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Expired Listing Austin Realtor

Here's Why We Should Be Your Next Move at Realtor

If your listing agreement expired with your current Realtor and your home did not sell, you may feel irritated and want answers as to why no one was interested. The good news is that there is still hope to get your home sold. There's only three reasons why a property doesn't sell. Here we'll go over those reasons and what we can do to help. 

1. Price

Price is the number one factor that causes a home not to sell. Price fixes everything. Price can help you overcome a bad location, bad condition, bad neighbors, and even a bad marketing plan. If you price a property low enough you can get interest in every property. However, you're probably not here seeking to fire sale your property. You want to get the highest possible price. We have a thorough market knowledge and analysis of comparable properties sold in your neighborhood and can determine based on many variables, an effective pricing strategy to sell your home.

Like a smart home owner, you may have interviewed several Realtors to list your home. Unfortunately, some agents will tell you what you want to hear to get the listing, with little consideration as to whether they can actually back up what they promise. We advise home owner's pursuing selling with accurate, un-sugarcoated facts so they can make educated decisions. That starts from the moment we sit down at a listing appointment. We do not list properties to list them, we list to sell them.

2. Condition

A property in very poor condition can effect the time a home sits on the market. If your home was neglected from deferred maintenance causing such issues as mold, severe termites, foundation issues, water penetration those can cause issues with a home selling. The more problems a home has, the fewer buyers will find it as an attractive purchase. Therefore, a home's price should be altered to account for severe condition issues such as these and the home will have to marketed to a different segment of buyer's. Namely, investors or home improvement specialists. An inability to recognize when and who to market a specific property to leads to the next reason why a home may have expired.

3. Marketing Plan

Your hired Realtor may not have marketed your property effectively to get people in the door. Poor marketing could come in the form of cheap materials, bad pictures, low visibility signs, lack of networking, etc. The agent may not have been able to recognize that a property with severe condition problems probably shouldn't have been marketed to first-time home buyers. We have the ability to assess a property and determine the broadest demographic who may be interested in it, form, and execute a marketing plan. We invest in you because you invest in us. We use high definition pictures, eye-catching signs and riders, durable high-tech lockboxes, explode your property all over the internet, and have focalized relationship networks to mass expose your listing to the market. When you list your home with us, there is zero doubt the public is aware your home is for sale.

If you're interested in speaking with us about becoming your next (and last) Realtor and would like more information, contact us below.

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